Our Story

One day three entrepreneurs were talking to each other when a SPARK ignited in their minds. Why not create an energy drink beverage that aimed at increasing Focus & Productivity? This is how Sparq was born.

When a Spark turned into Sparq

Our stories are much wider, much higher and much deeper than what meets the eye. Ever since we were just kids we always had that crazy vision to create, build & work hard. It's always been in our blood. Giovanni, Jack & Erik are all business owners that came together and wanted to revolutionize the energy drink market. We knew something was missing in the energy drink market and that was a mind focused energy drink. A drink unlike the others, A drink to give us a push when we have brain fog, A drink that sparks our creativity and that's when a Spark of an idea turned into Sparq. On we went to create this vision into a reality. 

Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was Sparq: It takes our chemists and formulators years to perfect each product we put our name on. If we're not providing you the best then what are we doing? 

Why we created Sparq

We are all fans of Energy Drinks and they come in handy especially after a long day of hard work. What we weren't a fan of was all the unhealthy ingredients in most of the popular brands. From way too much sugar to unhealthy ingredients like aspartame. 

So we created something we would personally drink everyday and meet the criteria we wanted! So off we went to create an Energy Drink with healthy ingredients, zero sugars and with ingredients that aimed to "Ignite The Mind" to help with thinking big, increase focus, discover solutions and help to spark your creativity.

Here at Sparq, we don't just make the products, we use them day in and day out. Success is a long journey with no short cuts but we hope Sparq helps you along the way so you find your own Spark of greatness!